Where are you located?

The Seedling Collective is located at 121 South Royal Street in Old Town, Alexandria (Virginia). We are half a block from King Street and nestled in the heart of Old Town’s vibrant boutique community.

How can I stay updated on what’s going on at The Seedling Collective?

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What exactly is a “creative work space”?

It’s our attempt to succinctly explain that our 500 square foot showroom can accommodate multiple set-ups. We’re intentionally flexible because we know that the same client could need multiple types of spaces: for example, a photographer may want a private space to meet with clients and hold photo shoots, then on another day she may want to edit photos at a desk in a co-working environment, and on another evening she wants to hold a workshop where she teaches studio lighting techniques. Or, perhaps your’re a retailer hoping to introduce your product to the valuable Old Town community: our showroom can be converted to a fully functional retail space complete with clothing racks, shelves, and a checkout counter.

Why are you open to members only?

When we came up with the idea for The Seedling Collective one of our main goals was to establish another creative community outlet here in Old Town. The Seedling Collective is a forum, not just a studio, and we want our members to get to know and support each other through The Collective. So, we have a blog where we feature interviews with our members, a newsletter where you can stay updated on events, and we’re planning to host member events and promotions throughout the year to grow our community even more.

While our aims are big, our space is small and, quite simply, we need to be able to manage it while running our other business. Members of The Collective are given access to the daily calendar and are able to reserve their own work days at their discretion - no back and forth email chain needed. Otherwise, members also get updated information on things like entry codes, community events, special pricing, and other perks. We want to ensure that we know who we’re working with so we have a very easy and free application process for new members. To keep things manageable, membership is capped and wait-listed applicants will be notified when a new spot becomes available.

What does a membership cost?

Right now, it’s completely complementary. Membership here means you’re joining a collective, not paying a fee. You pay a rental rate when you book The Studio - that’s all. If and when we make any changes to our membership structure we will give you first notice so that you can decide if it works for your business.

What types of events can I hold in the space?

Workshops. Retail pop-ups. Art shows. Exhibits. Photography sessions. Collaborative work days for your team. Private client consultations. Please keep in mind that the space is small - approximately 500 square feet - so large scale workshops and presentations are not recommended. All we ask is that you keep the space tidy, respect your fellow members, and tag us in your posts!

How do co-working days run?

We release open co-working days the Friday before the week they’re available. As a member, you’ll get first notice via email and be able to book directly through our members-only portal to reserve your seat. Co-working days are capped at 6 seats per day and reservations are first-come, first served via our member portal.

This summer, we’re opening co-working days to non-members who are affected by the DC metro shutdown in Alexandria. Just email concierge@theseedlingcollective.com for details on how to reserve a spot.

Do I need business Insurance to work out of the studio?

Not necessarily. If you’re planning to use The Studio for a retail pop-up that’s open to the public or for a workshop with clients involved, we’ll ask you to show proof of business insurance. If you don’t already have business insurance of your own we can connect you with a broker for short-term plans that will suit your business. Check our our memberships page for more details.

If you plan to use the space as a private office or for a co-working day, you don’t need business insurance to make a reservation.

Can I get a tour before i become a member?

Of course! Reach out to concierge@theseedlingcollective.com to set one up.