Say Hello to Meredith Patel, Owner of barre3 Old Town

I have a confession: I’m addicted to barre3. Those of you who know me personally probably already realize this about me because I have waxed poetic about its glory to you at least one, if not many, times. I started going to the studio about two years ago when I was in desperate need to get out of my house after having my son. I’ll be honest - the $5 childcare perk is what drew me in - but it’s the amazingly positive vibe of owner Meredith Patel and every other instructor at the studio that has made me into a loyal devotee.


Over the many months during which I’ve been attending the studio I have gotten to know Meredith as a friend and fellow business owner here in Old Town. We have done a few joint projects in the past (my jewelry company, Alx&Co., makes their super special 500 class reward necklaces) so I was thrilled when Meredith reached out about doing a pop-up at Seedling. You may be wondering why an established fitness studio would want to invest in running a pop-up outside of their own space but trust me: this will be a totally refreshing way to experience barre3 and see what makes this studio special! I sat down with Meredith recently to talk about b3, her life in Old Town, and what we should expect from Meredith and co-instructor Lindsay at next weekend’s event…

Owning and managing a fitness studio is such an accomplishment. How did you come to own and run Barre3 Old Town?

Meredith: Before opening barre3 Old Town I was in politics and it was an incredibly stressful and taxing job. I found barre3 as a stress reliever for my job. I fell in love with the mission of barre3 and wanted to bring it to Old Town, so I looked for space and made it happen!

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I would imagine that your job sounds like a dream to many readers. What is the biggest challenge you face as a small business owner of a studio like this?

Meredith: Work-life balance, definitely. I love my job and being at the studio but sometimes it’s hard to disconnect when you run the show. That said, I get my (editor’s note: seemingly boundless) energy from my clients. I feed of the energy that folks bring in and then feed it back to them. It’s an incredible cycle.

Meredith, I can give my side of why I love barre3 but can you tell us about your studio and what makes it different from other options we have here in Old Town?

Meredith: barre3 Old Town has been open for 2.5 years and we are located at 715 Duke Street (corners of S. Washington and Duke Street). barre3 Old Town has strong community and we strive to make everyone to feel at home walking in our doors. We offer childcare seven days a week so parents can take an hour to themselves while we take care of their kids.

The childcare element is so key - and, I think, so respectful of the women who use it. Getting out of the house to exercise can feel like such a difficult feat but it’s incredibly necessary for staying sane as a new mom.

Meredith: Oh, for sure. Our workout is also adaptable to all fitness levels and abilities. We love to take care of those who are pregnant and brand new moms, too!

Owner Meredith and studio instructor Lindsay

Owner Meredith and studio instructor Lindsay

One of the things I love about going to b3 is how diverse the classes are. There is such a wide range of fitness levels represented in each session and it’s clear that every single person is working really, really hard. Can you describe barre3 for someone who has never done it before?  

Meredith: barre3 is a 60 minute class that combines cardio, strength training, and mindfulness. I love barre3 because of the community at our studio and every time I leave class I feel more balanced than when I began. Throughout our classes we always emphasize breathing and paying attention to your own body. It’s never about what others in the class are doing, all that matters is you and what you need out of the workout that day.


You already have a small retail area in your studio. Why did you decide to do add a pop-up spot with Seedling?

Meredith: I want to bring our curated retail selection to more people in the community. Many people don’t realize this but our studio features not only branded b3 athletic wear but also other brands and products that align with the mission of barre3. It can be easy to breeze past the amazing things we have in our little shopfront when you’re rushing into class so we thought it would be fun to introduce them in a new, different environment. It’s also a great way for us to interact with new potential clients and share with them the experience that makes barre3 so special. We are excited to expand our reach through Seedling.

What type of products can we expect to find at your pop up?

Meredith: We will have a variety of high-end athletic wear and lifestyle clothing. I am in workout clothes nearly 100% of the day so I’m constantly on a quest for better and better gear and I’m excited to share what I love. We also will have clean beauty products including a selection from Beauty Counter and Brush on Block (a easy to apply sunscreen), and other items from barre3 including candles, water bottles, and other gift options. 

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Any special promotions or workshops going on at the studio?

Meredith: Yes! We are currently running a special for members for the summer - free Play Lounge in June, July, and August. So for the price of our membership, members can also bring their kiddos to the studio for no additional charge. We also have a teacher and educator discounted membership option this summer ($399 for June, July, and August). Finally, we are preparing a pre- and post-natal series for this summer which will be a series of 4 classes/workshops to support new and expecting moms in their fitness journey with barre3. 

Meredith’s Five Favorites:

1) Neighborhood in Alexandria?

 Old Town! Before moving to Old Town, my husband and I would spend a lot of time here going to dinner and enjoying the town. We fell in love with the charm and community we found here. 

2) Part about living in Old Town?

Aside from the charm and community, we feel so lucky to be a part of a community that is so committed to supporting small business owners. We love discovering new local favorites (including Alx&Co.!). 

3) Favorite thing to do in Old Town on a free day?

My favorite thing to do is to go to the studio and take a class then grab a coffee at Society Fair. Then, I'd take my dog, Dak, around town, make a stop to see my friends at Lululemon. I love taking Dak to Founder's Park so he can play with his friends while I see our neighbors. We love ending the day with a drink at The People's Drug and dinner at The Majestic

4) Favorite spot to grab a drink?

The People's Drug or Landini Brothers.

5) Favorite day trip outside of Old Town?

We love taking the Water Taxi over to Nationals Stadium to spend the day watching baseball!

barre3 Old Town will be popping up at The Seedling Collective on Saturday, May 25th and Sunday, May 26th. Come visit and see what makes this place so special!

Meaghan Foran