Planning to Pop-Up in December? Read this!

I know, I know. It’s hardly the end of July, how is it possible that we are talking about December plans already? Let me enjoy my summer!

I get it. But, I also know (as a retailer myself) that plans for the holiday push begin now. So, we are going ahead and releasing our December reservation primer so that you you plenty of time to organize your plans to make this year the year for your creative business. In here, you’ll find information about how we’re breaking up the month, pricing, and most importantly: how and when to book.

photo by member and social media manager  Macy Krause

photo by member and social media manager Macy Krause

Available Dates & Who Can Reserve The Studio

1) We are only offering single or double-week reservations.

Because December is such a key month for so many of our members, we wanted to ensure that pop-ups will have entire weeks available throughout the month. So, we are only offering single or double-week reservations (no single-day bookings, sorry).

The weeks are broken down into three available slots this and pricing is based on the holiday pricing we have had posted on our membership page for a few weeks:


Week 1: December 2 - December 8


Week 2: December 9 - December 15


Weeks 3 & 4: December 16 - December 29


(holiday rental rate 12/16 - 12/24; no charge 12/25; winter rental rate 12/26 - 12/29)

*The Studio will be CLOSED December 30 - January 1


2) Bookings will be made through the online portal only.

If you email us with a booking request you will be directed to the portal. Of course, this means you must be a member in order to book The Studio. Apply here if you aren’t already a member.

3) Reservations can be shared - in fact, we encourage it!

While a single member needs to make the reservation, you are welcome to share The Studio with non-members during your pop-up. If you are planning to do a collaborative pop-up (and we recommend doing this for a variety of reasons), make sure you email with all the names and information for all participating businesses so that we can promote your entire pop-up. Collaborative pop-ups are a great way to ensure you have enough product to fill out The Studio and to guarantee that the week will be dynamic and interesting for your audience. We recommend up to 6 partners, depending on your product type and share.

4) We will need proof of liability insurance on file before your pop-up commences.

If you have already shared this with us, you’re all set. If you’re sharing The Studio with other parties, we’ll need to see that all participants have coverage. Note: you don’t need to have this on file with us before you make a reservation, but if you do need send it to us before your start date or else you will not be given access to The Studio (and you won’t be eligible for a refund). If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

5) Remember: you are responsible for staffing your pop-up and organizing your own open hours.

The Seedling Collective will provide social media support and we will reach out for information so that we can promote your pop-up through our blog. We don’t provide pop-up management or staffing support.

How to book The Studio in December

Mark your calendars: Dates will be released for booking to members only on Friday, August 9th at 8am. As a member, you will receive an email with the booking links and the weeks will be reserved first-come, first-served. You must pay in full at the time of booking and reservations are non-refundable. We know this is a big decision for our members so please reach out if you have any questions or concerns about our December bookings. And, good luck! We can’t wait to see who’s coming to The Studio for the holidays.

photo by member and social media manager  Macy Krause

photo by member and social media manager Macy Krause

Meaghan Foran