Meet Sarah Phillips, Curator of TSG Alexandria's Spring Pop-Up

When I initially started seriously brainstorming the idea behind The Seedling Collective one of the first people I reached out to for suggestions was Sarah Phillips, Editor of The Scout Guide Alexandria. Knowing that Sarah divides her time between The Scout Guide and developing her own successful blog, 52 Thursdays, I wanted her insight into what someone like her would want out of a creative space like this. She was truly invaluable in helping me define this idea.


While chatting, the idea of running a Scout Guide Alexandria Pop-Up developed and the more I thought about it, the more I loved it. For last year’s Scout Guide publication Sarah cultivated a great collection of independent creatives based right here in Alexandria and what better way to show off our local talent than by holding a pop-up with their goods? I asked Sarah if she would be interested in running it and, happily for us, she agreed.

Sarah took the reins in coordinating the event and we are so excited to host The Scout Guide Alexandria’s Spring Pop-Up May 13-19. I sat with Sarah recently to talk about all things Alexandria and what inspired her to put together such a fun event…


This is the first ever Scout Guide Pop-Up - no other featured city has held an event like this before. What made you decide Alexandria was ready for this concept?

Sarah: When you approached me with the idea it was like a light bulb went off in my head! Why didn't I think of this sooner? Regardless, we are thrilled to give our artisans (without brick and mortar stores) the opportunity to showcase their goods and to share their craft with the community! We also thought it would be a great way to give back as well, so 5% of all sales will be donated to The Seaport Foundation. So we hope to raise some funds and awareness for them during the pop-up!

How would you summarize the collection of vendors participating in the event?

Sarah: We have an awesome mix of local vendors for this pop-up. So you will see everything from jewelry, hair accessories, handbags, textiles, gifts, art and more! The TSG Spring Pop-Up will be the perfect spot to pick up a unique gift and a TSG guide! 

Our featured vendors include Tulusa, Meg Biram Art, Secretly Gifting, The Pink Reef, The Way U Handbags, and 52 Thursdays Hair Accessories.

The vibe is a mix of modern minimalist with a flair of boho! The environment will be laid back and comfortable, so anyone can come in and enjoy! 

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Do any of the vendors have physical locations that could otherwise be shopped? Are there any items slated for sale that are exclusive to this pop-up?

Sarah: Most of these vendors sell their goods online or during other pop-ups, so they do not have physical locations yet. Most of the items you will see in this shop are unique and one of a kind, so you won't find them anywhere else! 

Why did you choose the Alexandria Seaport Foundation as the benefit charity?

Sarah: The Alexandria Seaport Foundation was our featured charity for TSG Volume 4 so we decided to have a percentage of our sales at the pop-up go towards them as part of our commitment to their cause. We chose Alexandria Seaport Foundation as our charity focus for TSG Volume 4 because everyone deserves a second chance, especially the troubled youth in our town. For those of you not familiar with The Seaport Foundation and what they do, they teach, guide and mentor young adults who need a new path. Their mission is to give youth who have struggled a second chance to succeed. 

This is a new concept that we just started last year for TSG Alexandria and we look forward to supporting a different charity every year. As a part of our commitment to our charities, we donate a page in the book, give ongoing marketing support, help with fundraising and more! We are so excited to help raise funds and awareness for The Seaport Foundation this year, especially after the awful fire at their center.

Is there a particular product you're most excited to show at the pop-up?

Sarah: There are so many great products, it's hard to pick just one but I am particularly excited about our Alexandria maps that will be sold! If you flip through TSG Alexandria Volume 4, you will see our gorgeous map that was created by local artist, Meg Biram. We are selling 10 limited edition prints of this map and 100% of the sales will back to The Seaport Foundation. We will also be showcasing the original painting at the pop-up that will be acutioned off on June 1st at The Seaport Foundation's big event, Wine On The Water! Be sure to get your tickets! 

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Sarah’s Five Favorites

1) Way to spend a free day in Alexandria?

Morning: I'll get a workout in at Orange Theory and grab a coffee at Killer ESP after.

Afternoon: Head over to Bishop Boutique to see new merchandise and I always pop into The Hour after to pursue their vintage glasses. They always have the best barware!  If I'm shopping for an event, I always head to The Hive and Tsalt, they have the best selection and sales!

Evening: Before heading back home to sip some rosé by the water, I peek into Mint Condition to see if they have any designer things that I can't live without!

2) Favorite place to grab a drink in Alexandria?

Light Horse and The Peoples Drug have some really fun cocktails! I love bringing friends there when they come to visit. I'm a huge margarita girl, so Taqueria Poblano has always been a favorite of mine but I've heard the margs at Chop Shop are pretty legit so I will be trying them out soon! 

3) Alexandria Neighborhood?

I'm a bit biased but I love my own neighborhood! We live in Mount Vernon and even though it is a bit further out of town, the views and quality of life can't be beaten! I love Old Town for shopping, drinks and dinner and Del Ray for some of my favorite workout classes and brunch!

4) Part about living in Alexandria?

I was originally born in Alexandria but grew up in Warrenton, VA all of my childhood life. My husband and I recently came back to Alexandria after living in Arlington for the past 10 years and we couldn't be happier! We moved to Alexandria for more space and a better sense of community and we have found just that! We love it here!

5) Recommended day trip outside of the city?

If I am looking to get out of the city, I recommend heading out to Hunt Country! It's so gorgeous and it's where I am from! So I head out there quite a bit when I need some R&R. There are great wineries, restaurants and shopping in Middleburg and there is usually some kind of horse-related event going on, so be sure to check @TSGHuntCountry to see what is happening that weekend! 

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Meaghan Foran