Why I Love Co-Working (and built a space for it)

I’ll cut to the chase here: I love co-working spaces. I think they’re a fantastic adaptation to the original co-working scene - the public library - with better lighting (unless you’re lucky enough to have one of these libraries in your neighborhood). Personally, I gravitate towards cafes (Misha’s is my jam) and what I like about going to a place other than my office or home to work is that it somehow focuses my tasks so much better. I’m there just with my laptop and trusty agenda and I am there to GSD - no online shopping siren songs or sudden house cleaning urges to distract me. Also, I have a toddler so working from home when he’s there is basically a non-starter unless he is completely asleep - and even then, let’s hope for no feeble calls for sips of water every five minutes.

Dedicated co-working spaces like what we have at The Seedling Collective offer the perks of a cafe environment but, unlike a cafe where you’re technically not encouraged to camp out for hours upon hours to finish your months-old billing… you can stay at The Studio all day long! We have wireless internet, a private bathroom, and the most lovely sun-drenched light you’ve seen. You’ll work a new focus on your task list since you’re there for the purpose of working and you’re surrounded by other people who have the exact same itinerary as you: GSD.

So, here are my top five reasons why I love co-working and think you should try it too:

1) It forces you to stay on-task.

When I work from home or from my office, my mind is constantly swimming with the millions of competing tasks I could be doing at that moment. When I pick up my computer to work from The Studio, it’s to get ONE task done and that task only. This might mean fully planning and writing my Stylebook posts for the month or catching up on my emails, but I only work on that single task until it’s finished.

2) Networking.

This is key when you’re building a business but it’s not easy when you work from home. The Seedling Collective is geared towards creative minds so if you’re a florist or an artist or an interior decorator, you are sure to meet someone in your group who you’ll find interesting and worth collaborating with.

3) You can practice your pitch.

This goes along with networking but it’s a little different. When you work for yourself it can be easy to get lost in the weeds of defining what you do and what makes your brand unique. By injecting yourself in a co-working environment you’re sure to have an opportunity to introduce yourself and your brand in a pressure-free zone. Use this time to practice how you talk about your work and get feedback on the interest you get from your peers.

4) Brainstorming.

You’ll have to feel the room out for this one since each group will have a different collaborative vibe but if you’re stuck on how to develop an excel formula to calculate X, you’ll have resources to ask other than google. So often I find myself re-inventing the wheel when I work alone and it’s amazingly humbling to see the infinitely more efficient ways of working that other people show me when I ask them how they calculate X. Trust me, you’ll learn a lot.

5) It’s something to look forward to!

We release our co-working days a week in advance as days open up. You’ll reserve your seat if you’re available (and invite some friends if you’re really feeling it - there are six open seats per day) and look forward to doing something different that day than the usual wake up, pour coffee, sit down at your desk before you’ve brushed your hair routine. And, who doesn’t love an excuse to hang in Old Town for the day?

If you’re unsure, stop by next week during our Co-Working Open House. I’ll be at The Studio Tuesday - Friday from 10am-6pm (working) and I’ll be ready to answer all your questions about what’s we’re doing here at The Seedling Collective. Stop by, grab a treat, and see if this is the right fit for you. And, if you’re still not sold on it - consider renting the studio for a day to yourself!

Meaghan Foran