Coming Soon to The Studio: Mission Edit for the Alexandria Sidewalk Sale

Are you prepped for the Alexandria Sidewalk Sale? If you don’t know about this annual tradition, mark your calendar now for August 10-11: it’s a huge event where retailers across Old Town and Del Ray run amazing sales on everything from home goods to clothing to pet supplies. It’s meant to be outdoor, breezy, and a fun way to tie up your summer shopping.

This year, we’re excited to be hosting Mission Edit, a (usually) online-only retailer that specializes in offering a highly curated selection of women’s clothing and accessories. Founded and run by Lindsay Wasijov and her fiancé Justin Knowles out of Arlington, Virginia, the entire experience of Mission Edit is geared towards offering a selective, reliably fashionable collection so that clients can easily build a beautiful, trendy-yet-timeless wardrobe without sifting through the filler of traditional retail shops.

I recently chatted with Lindsay to learn more about Mission Edit and what she’ll be offering for their highly-anticipated pop-up…


Tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to run Mission Edit (love the name by the way).

Lindsay: Fashion has always been my passion. I graduated from Marymount University in 2012 with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. I spent the next 5 years working in luxury retail sales and ended up as the store manager at a small boutique in Georgetown.

At about that time I learned that I have a gift, I have this strange fashion memory where I remember you and everything you’ve bought from my store… this turns out to be pretty important when you’re giving fashion advice, and this is where I first learned how important building relationships with clients is.

Unfortunately, that store shut down and I was left unemployed, so my now-fiancé Justin Knowles (who thinks of himself as an entrepreneur) thought it would be the perfect time to start a business together instead of me getting another job. We felt that we could build an online store that recreates that feeling you get shopping in your favorite store, something that’s more personal than you typically get online.

Amazing - so you run Mission Edit with your fiancé?

Lindsay: Correct! I live with my fiancé and business partner in Arlington VA. We started the business together before getting engaged (surprised emoji)  since then it has been me, Justin and little Piper (our cat slash mascot, he makes a lot of guest appearances on our Instagram). 

Mission Edit.png

In today’s market, being online is par for the course. What makes Mission Edit different from other online retailers?

Lindsay: We have been in business since 2017 so we’re going into our 3rd Fall season. We really feel like we’re hitting our stride and really identifying exactly what does make us different. I think what makes us different is:

#1: We have a great product. We spend a lot of time convincing ourselves NOT to buy something for our store, and always seek to find comfortable, trendy, high quality pieces at the right price point to add to our collection. This intense focus on buying helps us edit down and make sure there is no filler in our store.

#2:  We build relationships with our clients. We are right there with you as you make your buying decisions, chatting primarily through Instagram. After getting to know you, your sizing and your personal preferences, how trendy/conservative you are… I can help guide you and ensure that you are going to love what you buy from us. It’s actually amazing how much better we can serve are clients once we know a little bit about them, what they do for a living... where they vacation... how old they are and so forth


Have you ever done a traditional retail concept before? Why did you decide to do a pop-up with Seedling?

Lindsay: Being online only is a huge advantage. We don’t have to worry about staffing a store every day or paying rent, this allows us to focus on those things that make us different. It is very challenging to break through the noise online and convince the person who has stumbled upon your online store to stay and shop, especially when we were just starting out.

We found out early on that pop-ups are an invaluable opportunity to meet people, introduce them to our brand and see their reactions to our collection. The Seedling Collective is the perfect collaboration for us because I think you recognize that the nature of retail is changing, and that for many businesses a permanent location does not make sense.

The space is beautiful and basically ready to go for us which is a huge plus, we also love that the Seedling Collective has a lot of the same goals as us. Finding creative ways to take the very introverted act of shopping online and turn it into something more social!


What type of product/experience can we expect to find at your pop up?

Lindsay: We like to say that our collection is wearable trends at an approachable price-point. We carry jumpsuits, dresses, tops, shorts, jeans, pants, jewelry, jackets, bodysuits, rompers, skirts and sweaters #fashion!

You’ll walk into our pop-up and find that the space is well merchandised, the environment is calm and clean. We have extensive experience in luxury retail sales and we recreate that environment by offering styling or sizing advice on the spot. We can help you pull pieces we think will work for you or you can explore yourself, your choice!

Any special promotions or workshops going on while you're here?

This is our Summer Sale with clothing and accessories up to 60% OFF all weekend. A lot of our best sellers have only one left and are looking for a good home. You can also come in and pick-up an exclusive 30% OFF coupon code that can be used online this Fall when the new trends start rolling in :)

Thank you, Lindsay!

Visit Mission Edit at The Seedling Collective

August 10-11

Meaghan Foran