A Warm Hello to Maribeth Geraci of DressCode

We are thrilled to share that starting in September, we are opening The Studio for three months to the talented Maribeth Geraci of DressCode. When Maribeth first approached us about her idea to do a long-term pop-up here at The Seedling Collective I was immediately struck by her professionalism and preparedness for the concept. She runs a successful designer women’s clothing boutique in Hillsborough, North Carolina and also operates a personal brand strategy consulting firm that goes hand-in-hand with her retail shop by providing individualized personal style consultations to Fortune 1000 companies, with an emphasis on helping women feel powerful and professional in and out of the board room.

Through her consulting business, Maribeth already has a strong customer base in the DC area and has been eyeing expanding into retail shop in the neighborhood for some time. At Seedling, she’s opening a three-month pop-up to put her expansion strategy to the test and simply put, we’re so pleased to have her here. She’s bringing a collection of designer women’s clothing and accessories and we’re excited to see how she transforms the space during her tenure. I chatted with Maribeth recently about her concept and extensive retail and consulting background, including what makes DressCode so different from other women’s boutiques…

Maribeth Geraci

Maribeth Geraci

Tell us a bit about yourself. What inspired you to go into the retail consulting industry?

Maribeth: I’m originally from Georgia, but have lived in North Carolina for quite some time. My family is Italian and I have always had a love for fine textiles and design, so for me the mix of personal brand consulting and retail made perfect sense. I have a background in mortgage banking and a strong sense of the importance of projecting a strong personal image.

How long have you been in business?

Maribeth: I have owned DressCode for over twenty years. I started DressCode with my cousin at which time it was called Selections. After eight years and her two daughters being born she opted to stay home and I continued and changed the name.

Maribeth at an industry event

Maribeth at an industry event

How wonderful that it started as a family business and became your own. Do you take a lot of inspiration from your family?

Maribeth: When my Mom was living I always called her my silent partner because she too was a business owner, successful, and a great sounding board. I come from a family of five and I call my four siblings my super power. They are my friends and they are awesome and talented. I have two children of my own: a strong minded daughter, a college freshman and a creative son, designing leather in Atlanta.

Tell us about your business ethos. What can clients expect from your brand?

Maribeth: Many stores tout that they offer great customer service - and many do - but DressCode goes one step further. Our relationships with our clients are close, really close. We provide services that aren’t on any menu, but go above and beyond. It’s our absolute pleasure to go the extra mile to make sure we are a fashion /image/personal brand lifeline for the clients we serve.

Our sister business is DressCode Consulting which works with fortune 1000 companies on personal brand strategies for their high talent individuals. This is a natural feed into our retail. We understand the image expectations in these organizations and become their lifeline to make it happen. Whether it’s social, community, corporate or government we can help. Our retail brand is Work, Play, Party and our Consulting brand is Define, Design, Deliver. I think those words sum up who we are and the ways we service our clients.

I love the Boutique Box concept you feature. Can you tell us about how that works?

Maribeth: The Boutique Box is a way for us to provide recurring, hands-on personal styling services to our far-away clients. We base your unique box of your own personal style profile and offer four different categories for you to choose from in defining your curated collection. We ship the box directly to you and you get to pick and choose what you keep from your selection. You start by filling out a personal profile form where you tell us about your own style preferences and goals, and we take it from there.

boutique box 1.0.png
boutique box 1.png

You already have a retail shop in Greensboro, North Carolina. What inspired you to consider opening a shop in the DC area?

Maribeth: During my 12 years of consulting many of my clients are from the DC area and while I have been shipping boxes to them for years through our Boutique Box program, they continue to ask me to open a store for them to come to. As pop up shops are gaining popularity, even with online stores, I thought that would be my best way to test the waters. I reached out to the Alexandria Economic Development Partnership and ask if there was such a possibility, and they directed me to the Seedling Collective and you, Meaghan.

And here we are! Tell us about what you have in store for us at your pop-up.

Maribeth: We plan to offer a product mix that is understandable to many age groups. That mix will include European brands, made with beautiful fabrics and unique details. Our mantra is fewer finer things, so what we will be selling will be modern classics with a shelf life.

During our three months we will be having several special events, beginning with a Lafayette 148 Fall Trunk Show on Wednesday Sept. 4th. In October there will be a pant event and in November a gift and accessory event. Details will be announced as we come closer to the dates.


Thank you, Maribeth! We’re looking forward to hosting you this fall!

DressCode Pop-Up Regular Hours:

Tuesdays - Saturdays, 10am - 5pm

or by appointment

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