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We will send you a notification if your application is approved. If you mark that you are interested in using the space for a retail pop-up or for a workshop we’ll ask you at that point to provide proof of business insurance with an also named insured policy endorsement. You won’t be allowed to use The Studio for these types of events unless this is provided.

If you’re planning to use The Studio a a private office, private photo shoot, or on a co-working day proof of business insurance is not required.

Membership is otherwise completely free. If you decide you do not want to continue your membership with The Seedling Collective for any reason, please email us at and we will discontinue you from our membership program.

We reserve the right to hold your security deposit if you are found in violation of our Common Rules.

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We reserve the right to ask for proof of business insurance with an "additional named insured" policy endorsement.
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